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About Us

Yemeni Group for Contracting and Engineering Ltd. Is a one of the Yemeni group's Companies, has been founded in the year 2003 as a solidarity and limited company, works in the sector of General Contracting, engineering consultancy and real estate development.


Engineering, Contracting and Real Estate development are effective sectors in framing, instructing and wording of society’s current and future. We assure of our unlimited obligation to respect this responsibility and to be implement together with announced values and triumphing of this value if any collision with revenue.


To present a pioneer pattern applying maximum marks of profession and creative in all its work sectors in most progress administrative technology depending on governance system conveyed with modern global technical and administrative sophistication.

The mission of the company is to declare the reason of its founding and the aim of it continuation, when build its self scientifically will serve its community and to basis for a new generation of Yemeni companies strives to keep up with the global developments and to stay on the global competition map which expanding daily and becoming more difficult as a result of rapid developments in globalization and communication.


YGCE's Certification  as  “1A”-classified Consultant Company
YGCE's Certification as “1A”-classified Consultant Company

YGCE is registered with the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Yemen under Reg. No. ............ as a limited liability company.

The Yemeni Group for Contracting & Engineering Co. Ltd (YGCE) is a “1A”-classified Consultant Company in the Republic of Yemen in accordance with the classification of the Ministry of Public Works and Highways.

Membership Of Associations
Membership Of Associations

The Yemeni Group for Contracting & Engineering Co. Ltd. is a member of the Yemen Association of Consulting Engineering as Consulting Engineering Company